Get Up! (CD)

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This is the mix that changed my approach to mix CDs - mixing all genres, from a hip-hop perspective.

A writer once said "This is a nice snapshot of what Skratch Bastid is like in the club, hitting ladies off with the niceness that moves their rumps while simultaneously slamming the heads with the bangers that make them say ugh. From Barry White and Sharon Jones to Jorun and Chubb Rock, there’s a party in your pants and Beazle has invited himself in. While mixtapes are a showcase of other artist’s tracks, there’s still a serious display of his skills – check Consequence’s Callin’ Me into Last Night Changed It All or his personalized treatment of Canada’s biggest rap song, Let Your Backbone Slide. Pick this up and kill it – word is that all profits go towards the Bastard having an iced-out vestigial tail implanted."